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We make our wool ball dog toys by hand using wool from a certified organic and predator-friendly ranch in Montana. And food-grade dyes to color the toys. 

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Dylan & Rainey are just love these wool ball dog toys. We make these felted wool ball toys in North Carolina from the highest-quality wool. 

The wool comes from a certified organic and predator-friendly ranch in Montana. And food-grade dyes are used to color the wool balls. The natural ball toys are from wool of different sheep breeds so they may have color variations. 

These wool balls are great for dogs of all sizes and ages. They are also soft, so they are great for older dogs who might have teeth issues. They are also great for puppies. 

  • Large balls are at least 3.5” in diameter 
  • Medium balls are usually no less than 3” in diameter 
  • We have a mix of wool balls that are undyed and those that are dyed in green, orange, pink, purple, red, or yellow food-grade dyes

Each wool ball is unique and, at times, may have little patterns on them using a mix of different dark and light wool, or may just be a solid darker color. It just depends on what and how much wool is on hand. Remember each wool ball is handmade with natural materials and will vary in size and color.

We actually have to hide these wool ball dog toys from Dylan as he takes his job as Chief Testing Officer very seriously—he wants to test each and every one of them. He loves them so much!! He likes to nibble on them. Thankfully he hasn’t destroyed any yet but he has pulled some layers off. But that’s okay, these balls can just go into the compost bin when your dog no longer wants to play with them.

Please note: while we do our best to pick through all the wool before we make the toys, you may find small pieces of grass/hay bits. You can throw them in the washer and dryer if you need to clean them. 

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    We received this video from one our happy customers, Dawn L. She wanted to show us how much fun her pup was having with his new toy.
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