WO Disc Dog Toy


WO disc dog toy is made in the USA (in Montana) from a unique non-toxic flexible material.

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WO disc dog toy is made in the USA (in Montana) from a unique pet-specific material that is flexible. It bounces and floats. And it makes a great tug-of-war toy. And of course it’s great for playing frisbee in the park or on the beach. This toy will help provide the exercise and mental stimulation needed to help your dog be healthy and happy.

The WO disc dog toy is made with a high quality, chemical-free thermoplastic that is BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA-compliant. That means you don’t have to worry about your furry best friend ingesting bits of chemical-laden plastic. It can also recycle this toy if you want.

We like this disc because it’s flexible and yet it’s soft. So, it should not hurt your dog’s mouth, protecting their dental hygiene. 

This is a great toy to bring with you when you travel as it is lightweight. Because it comes in bright colors and also floats, it will be hard to lose. And it’s very easy to clean.  

For every toy purchased, WO provides 2 meals to widows and orphans in Ethiopia. 

Dylan & Rainey are happily testing these dog toys. Dylan is a toy destroyer and this toy is holding up to his chewing. Rainey is enjoying playing fetch and tug of war with this disc. She prefers softer toys so likes these. And it’s not too big for her. She’s not really good at catching so we haven’t used it as a frisbee yet. 

These discs are 8″ in diameter. 

Please note: This is not a chew toy!! And while it seems to be strong, no pet toy is indestructible. If your dog is determined to finish this thing off, he/she will do so. Remove if your pet tries to bite off or swallow pieces of toy.

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