Raspberry Freedom No-pull Dog Harness


2 Hounds Design’s Freedom No-pull Harness is a great dog harness made in the USA. And it’s patented design discourages your dog from pulling and makes it easier for you to walk them.

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The Freedom No-pull Harness by 2 Hounds Design is a great dog harness and made in the USA. Its patented design discourages your dog from pulling making walking a lot more enjoyable. 

Some highlights:

  • It has a martingale loop on the back which discourages pulling by gently tightening around the chest. The loop in the front of the chest also helps to prevent lunging and pulling. This is a good training harness.
  • The soft velvet lining on the bottom strap helps to prevent rubbing on the belly.
  • There are four adjustable points so you can ensure that you have a great fit. Therefore, this is a great dog walking harness for daily use.
  • The harnesses are all made in North Carolina.

You can wash it in the washing machine by placing the harness in a mesh lingerie bag or pillow case and using the gentle cycle. Always air dry your harness.

This dog harness made in USA was recommended by our dog trainer. One of the reasons we love it is because the velvet lining helps to prevent chaffing which was an issue for Dylan with other harnesses in the past. Dylan is highly leash reactive and not only does this harness help to manage his behavior, but it is strong enough that I don’t feel like he’s going to break out of it. Rainey likes to pull and this helps to stop this behavior. 

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