Protecting Your Dog in Emergencies


Do you know any first aid for dogs or what to do in case of a natural disaster? This ebook has tips for dealing with these situations (with handy checklists & printables).

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Our pets are precious family members. So, caring for them during an emergency is extremely important. Do you know what to do in case of a natural disaster? Do you know any first aid for dogs?

In an emergency, your pets will be even more dependent on you for their safety and well-being. Being prepared and anticipating your pets’ needs during and after an emergency will help them (and you) cope. We put together a booklet with some tips and suggestions for dealing with first-aid emergencies as well as preparing your you (and your dog) in case of a natural disaster. Also included are checklists and some handy printables that you can fill out and carry in your wallet or put on your fridge. 

Table of Contents:

Disaster preparedness for your pet

  • Before an emergency
  • Make a plan
  • Practice evacuating your pet


First aid for dogs

  • Basic emergency action plan
  • Follow these steps for a collapsed dog
  • Key first-aid tips
    • Allergic reactions
    • Bleeding
    • Broken nail or claw
    • Choking
    • Collapse
    • Cuts, lacerations, and wounds
    • Diarrhea
    • Ear infection
    • Fever
    • Heat stroke
    • Hot spots
    • Vomiting



  • Emergency and disaster kit
  • First-aid kit


Emergency contact information

  • Printable refrigerator card
  • Printable wallet card

We hope that this will be a handy and useful guide to help you easily create first-aid and emergency kits for your four-legged family members. And provide some good tips on how to keep them safe and healthy. 


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