Rescued Wine Candle, Champagne


Enjoy these eco-friendly candles in upcycled wine bottles.

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Champagne-scented soy candle from Rescued Wine has a fresh, crisp aroma with hints of cotton blossoms.

Every Rescued Wine candle is handmade from repurposed wine bottles in Truckee, California.

They are made with the best ingredients and as environmentally friendly as possible. The company also gives a portion of their sales to different animal rescue groups. So of course that’s why Dylan & Rainey is partnering with them. Well that and because we like champagne and wine-inspired scents.

This wine-inspired and hand-poured candle smells wonderful.

The designer gathers and cleans every wine bottle, then cuts them down by hand to be unique vessels for his eco-friendly, long-lasting soy candles.

100% natural soy wax candle with fragrances infused with essential oils.

60-hour burn time



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