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Flying Hound Bison Liver & Blueberries Dog Training Treats


How do you spoil your pup? Well, by giving them these bison liver and blueberry trainers from the Flying Hound!!

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How do you spoil your pup? Well, by giving them something very gourmet sounding!! How about these bison liver and blueberry training treats from the Flying Hound!! And they are in little heart shapes. 

The Flying Hound uses liver from naturally raised bison. And blueberries and mint are also hiding in these high-value training treats. Your pup will have no idea that there are all sorts of healthy ingredients in these training treats. They are great to use when you as they are improving their social skills or even while learning new tricks to show off to their dog friends! 

Flying Hound dog treats are handcrafted with love from 100% real food, organic, and locally sourced ingredients and produced in small batches out of a (people) Health Inspected kitchen in Ontario, Canada.  

Ingredients: naturally raised bison liver, organic blueberries, organic mint and organic oat flour. 

Size: A little bit over 2 oz.

Dylan & Rainey just love these training treats. And we’ve had to put them out of reach as they keep running off with the bags. We love to find ways to introduce new and unique proteins into their diets. And by giving them some of these treats, it is a good way to do so. We always have treats available while on our walks especially with Dylan. These are the perfect size as they are not too big and they fit great in our treat bags


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