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Our whole and split antler chews for dogs are 100% natural and organic from wild elk and deer.

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Our antler chews for dogs are 100% natural and organic from wild elk and deer. The chews are great for your dog as they contain many essential vitamins and minerals and they also help to clean tartar buildup from their teeth. Antler chews are long lasting and won’t splinter.  

All RidgeRunner antlers have been naturally shed by wild elk and deer in Colorado and neighboring Western states. They never obtain antlers from elk or deer farms. All of these chews are hand processed from different parts of the antler—so, they will all be somewhat unique.


We carry 2 kinds of antler chews: Elk & Deer

Elk Antlers:

These antler chews are from wild Rocky Mountain elk and also great for dogs that are moderate to heavy chewers. They are not as dense as deer antlers, but they are still challenging antler chews for most dogs. Because the marrow is not exposed, your dog will have to grind the antler down in order to get to the treat inside. 

Deer Antlers:

These antler chews are from wild Colorado mule deer and great for dogs that are aggressive chewers. Deer antlers have less marrow than elk antlers and a thicker outer core making them a longer lasting chew.


We carry 3 sizes of antler chews: Large, XL, and Jumbo

If your pup is on the upper edge of a size range or a more vigorous chewer we suggest purchasing the next size up. 

  • Large: These are for large dogs weighing 50–70 pounds. Such as Australian Shepherds, Boxers, and Huskies.
  • Extra Large: These are for XL dogs weighing 70–90 pounds. Such as Malamutes, Dobermans, and German Shepherds.
  • Jumbo: These are for XL to giant dogs that weigh over 90 pounds. Such as Rottweilers, Great Danes, or Mastiffs.


For the elk antlers, we offer them as whole or split:

Split elk antler chews are a great choice for dogs that are new to elk antlers, more tentative, or puppies or older dogs. They are split down the middle, so it will be easier for your dog to get to the marrow. They will not last as long as whole elk antlers especially with more aggressive chewers.

The jumbo split elk antlers are cut from the base and include the burr. These will be a much tougher split chew…great for larger and more aggressive chewers that insist on only chewing split antlers. 

These split elk antlers are the same average size and weight as the corresponding size whole elk antlers (not half of the whole antler). For example, the large whole elk antler chews weigh on average 6 ounces each. The large split elk antler chews are cut from a 12-ounce piece of antler to get you the same size 6-ounce chew (on average).

Dylan and Rainey are crazy about these antler chews for dogs. The large is perfect for Rainey. Dylan prefers the jumbo ones. And they both seem to prefer the elk antlers. They are really wonderful if we need to keep them safely occupied for awhile. They will happily (and quietly) gnaw away on the antlers.

As with any chew or treat, you should supervise your dog and replace it when it becomes too small. We don’t want your precious baby choking. 

We have a great relationship with our supplier, so if you want a Giant sized antler or have any other special requests, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will try and help you. 

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  1. Sugar loves the deer antlers more than any other treat!

    Video #1 from Leah
    • Yum yum yum….so glad Sugar loves her antler

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