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Are you are looking to bring a new dog into your home?! Well, look no further and bring home this cute adoptable dog.

You can help change the life of this very deserving dog either by adopting her yourself or sharing her details with your friends!! 

Meet Bug AKA Cuddle Bug: The smart and caring companion you’ve been waiting for! 

Bug is a special pup with a heart full of love, and she’s looking for her forever family to share it with. This 2-year-old adorable American Bulldog girl is ready to bring joy, intelligence, and cuddles to your life.


Bug’s Remarkable Qualities:

  • Intelligence: Bug is incredibly smart and resourceful. She’s known for her ability to find her way to where she wants to go, making it essential for her forever family to be proactive in keeping her safe.
  • Training superstar: Bug is both potty and crate trained, and she’s a quick learner. She’ll even use the doggy door on her own, most of the time! Her love for treats has made potty training a breeze.
  • Multilingual pup: Bug is not just smart but bilingual too! She understands commands in Spanish, adding an extra layer of charm to her personality.
  • Great with crates: Whether it’s overnight or during the day when you’re at work, Bug is a model crate occupant. She’ll stay comfortable and content.
  • Active and energetic: Bug thrives on activity! She’d love a family that can take her on long walks or even runs to keep her energy in check.


Bug’s favorite pastime: She’s a tennis ball fiend! Make sure to get an oversized one because she loves to play, and she’s a bit of a heavy chewer. Keep her safe by avoiding toys that can be shredded and eaten.

All about cuddles: Bug is a true girly-girl, always looking adorable with bows and flowers in her hair. Her favorite pastime is cuddling with her human. If you’re looking for a furry friend to snuggle with, Bug is your girl!


Some more pictures of Bug:


Some more information about Bug:

Bug is a unique girl, and her ideal home would be a single -pet household. She’s extremely active and requires a space to run freely. Older kids are perfect for her, so she won’t accidentally knock them over. 

Bug has a sensitive tummy, so providing her with a sensitive tummy food will keep her happy and healthy.

Bug is getting spoiled Southern Colorado and is ready to find her forever home. Please spread the word about this great adoptable dog.


To learn about adopting Bug:

To find out more about Bug, please contact From Forgotten to Forever! We will keep you updated throughout the month with updates and photos on social media, so make sure to follow us!

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