Our Dog Dylan is one Inspirations for our eco-friendly dog treats

Chief Testing Officer


Rainey is the other inspiration behind our eco-friendly Dog Products

Chief Likability Officer

We are Dylan & Rainey and thanks for visiting our store!! Here’s a little about us here at Dylan & Rainey!! Our mom spends a lot of time researching products and trying to find the best products for us. She is always looking for stuff that is made in the United States, cruelty free, and/or as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s not always easy!! And we aren’t small which seems to make things harder. After one late night of searching for something that we just had to have, she decided that she was going to start Dylan & Rainey—USA-made products for larger dogs that have all been tested and approved by us.

We also try to be as eco-friendly as possible with the products we choose and even our packaging. We are aiming for all of our packaging to be made from recycled and/or compostable materials.  

It is also important that we are transparent, so you will notice that our descriptions include as much information about where the products are from. On the off-chance we sell something that isn’t made in the US, we explain why we still choose to sell it. We try and give a fair assessment of all our products so that you can easily make an informed decision.

We were both rescued from horrible situations. Some wonderful rescues and foster parents were the first to show us love and care—until our mom. And, we are now so happy and always have to be together. So, we know how important the whole rescue system is for dogs like us. Also, we believe that it’s important to help rescues ease some of their financial burdens.

So, we will be giving 5% of each sale to a rescue and as we grow, we hope to give more. We will also be featuring an adoptable dog each month.


A little bit more about us here at Dylan & Rainey:



Dylan is a 90-pound mutt, I did a DNA test on him and he has a bit of everything in him (somehow even Chinese Crested got mixed up in there), but I tell people that he’s a Boxer and Australian Shepherd mix (it’s easier). He is the first dog I got as an adult and I would do anything for my best buddy. Dylan has taught be a great deal about patience and never giving up on someone. Dylan has a lot of behavioral issues probably stemming for the abuse he suffered as a puppy. But he is also super smart, really expressive, fiercely loyal (he’s my Velcro dog), and once he trusts you, just a giant love bug.



Rainey is my 50-pound lap dog. She is a German Shepherd and Chow mix. Rainey is super sweet and loves everyone especially children. She insists on cuddling with everyone that comes over. Rainey has two looks—blank stare and smiling blank stare. She also barks a lot when she’s excited. I’ve also accepted that not only would she welcome a burglar but she would help show them where all the good stuff was hidden. But we love her. She is great medicine. Her cuddles are super calming and she is a great teacher of how one can find the joy in the simple things in life. Rainey is rather independent and I often find her outside entertaining herself by flinging sticks (and unfortunately, at times, small critters) around in the air without a care in the world.


Please note: while we make every effort to prevent Dylan from “helping,” he is very insistent. So we do apologize for any Sprinkles of Love that you may find.